lunes, agosto 27, 2007


This book is a jewel: The Wreck of the Zephyr by Chris Van Allsburg.
I'm thinking of doing some prints of my work. Do you recommend any good printer? Thanks.

sábado, agosto 25, 2007



More jewelry
Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I was a bit tired after 4 month long project doing illustrations (935!!). During these months I didn't have the time to make any crafts or any other things. After finished I spent some time with my parents. We went to a Van Gogh and Richard Estes show. Great to see if you're here in Madrid.

The other thing I've been doing is reading the last Harry Potter book. Three days enjoying this great story!
Next Tuesday we'll visit Gothenburg for 3 days. I know it's a very short vacation but I'm sure it will be great to drink a coffee and eat a kanelbullar. I can't wait!
Thanks for all your lovely comments about the Pippi illustration.
Toshiyuki Fukuda illustrations.
***The pictures above are shop window's at Tiffany's (London).

lunes, agosto 13, 2007


For a colective show: "Astrid Lindgren 822 September" in Cagliari (Sardegna).

Finnish illustrator Ulrika Ylioja

martes, agosto 07, 2007


I've got a plant at home that sends me messages of love.
This is my last week working in a big big educational book. In the meantime books and gifts for new adventures have arrived.

Thanks Dawbis for your beautiful papers. And I'll face all the challenges in the new book by Keri Smith: "Wreck this journal". I don't feel very "comfortable" with some of the ways of wrecking this journal but I'm gonna take Keri's challenge. I'll start next week!


jueves, agosto 02, 2007

Here in Madrid everybody's leaving for vacations. Not me... I have to work on an educational book. (Well... we'll go a few days to Gothenburg-Sweden at the end of the month!!)
It's so hot these days here!