jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013


Well ... things do not always go as you imagine and look in the head.
But that's understandable when you are working with new materials that behave in a manner quite different from how you're used to. And the process is twice complicated because you have to create the pieces, to think about what you want to create from a small mountain of clay, using your hands and water, the pottery wheel speed and above all, patience.
Ah! I think patience is the key ingredient when working with clay.
I've not been able to decide which process interests me more, to create the piece or painting it. I hope the next round is more like what I have in mind.
How fun is to learn something new!
Bueno... las cosas no salen siempre como se imaginan y se ven en la cabeza. 
Pero eso es comprensible cuando se trabaja con nuevos materiales que se comportan de una forma absolutamente diferente a cómo se está acostumbrado. 
Y el proceso es dóblemente complicado porque hay que crear las piezas, pensar qué se va crear desde una pequeña montaña de barro, usar agua y las manos, la velocidad del torno y ante todo, la paciencia. 
Ah! La paciencia creo que es el ingrediente principal a la hora de trabajar con barro. 
Aún no he podido decidir que proceso me interesa más, el de crear la pieza o el de pintarla. 
Espero que la próxima tanda se parezca más a lo que tengo en mente. 
Qué divertido es aprender algo nuevo!

7 comentarios:

Bego dijo...

pues no será lo que tenías en mente pero a mí me gusta mucho :)

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Gracias Bego!

Simone dijo...

The pencil pot is very cute! Glad to hear you're enjoying the pottery

Flora Chang dijo...

Too fun!!! Great works, Natascha!
I've been taking pottery class since January, too. I didn't know I would enjoy throwing on wheel, but I did. It does take a lot of patience and practice, but it's fun! Your colors look awesome and so bright. Do you use underglaze colors?

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Thank you Simone!

Thanks Flora! I'm having a lot of fun, yes but sometimes i feel very frustrated, especially with the colors.I use underglazes, well engobes but I'm not very happy with the result. A friend recommended stains and I'll try them.

Flora Chang dijo...

I can totally relate with your frustration, Natascha! In my classroom, they use a big gas kiln and fire eveyything to cone 10 reduction. Because of that, all the pieces look really "earthy" and not bright. My teacher told me in order to get the cleaner and bright colors I want, I should use a different clay and fire it to cone5/6. Maybe you can try that if you want a cleaner/brighter look? I just really want to have my own kiln so I can have more control of my work. :)

erica fustero dijo...

Yo también los veo genial! De aquí a unos meses, experta :-)