martes, 4 de abril de 2006


It was a very exciting week. I love to travel even when I've already been in the places I'm visiting before. M. and I flew to London and there we met Anna and Danny. We stayed at their house and spent the weekend walking through London ( I love window-shopping!). I wanted to call some people to meet them, too, but in one weekend you don't have much time. Amanda, Jorge....I promise next time!!

On Monday Anna and I flew to Bologna. We stayed in a nice bed&breakfast with our own kitchen in it!! It was like a second home, very comfy.
It was my first time in the Bologna Children's Book Fair (I always used to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair) and it was like a "familiar" thing, in a good way. Small and with "space" for illustrators. What I found the most interesting was the Illustrators Forum were we saw some conferences by illustrators that I admire like Tony Ross, David McKee, Peter Reynolds,....and I discovered others, like Carl Cneut, Kristien Aertssen, Guido Scarabottolo,...

I saw such beautiful books!!! And you could tell the difference between french, italian, american and english publishers.The artistic look is very different. I also saw very nice books that opened the eternal discussion over if it is really a book for kids or a book for adults who love children books. I don't know the answer yet.
And you could see illustrators with big and small portfolios running from one stand to another. I admire the illustrators who show their portfolios to a publisher in a Fair. I've never been able to do that. I'm not good at selling my work face to face. I'm better mailing and talking by telephone. And it's not because I'm shy....In fact I love to meet people and talking but I just can't talk about my work, I can't find an explanation for an illustration; I just do it. Maybe I should work on this?
Well....the great discovery in this fair were the japanese and taiwanese illustrators like Jimmy Liao, Chih-Yuan Chen, Hitomi Murakami and some others whose names I can't remember now (sorry).
Every year there is a Show of illustrators chosen by a jury. This year they had more than 3.500 applications!!
There was an illustration meeting point for anyone to put their work, a card, or whatever. There were beautiful cards!
And now back at home I'm happy to say that I have two new friends in London and my mind is full of beautiful images created by other minds all around the world.

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vegasandvenice dijo...

Welcome Back Home! I am glad you had such a nice time! I enjoy seeing the pictures from the week!

myra dijo...

Welcome back! It sounds like it was an amazing trip.

tipika dijo...

ooh, que envidiaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anabel dijo...

Lo mismo digo,qué envidia....

Anónimo dijo...

so sorry I missed you while you visited here!!

Next time! :)
Amanda xx