martes, mayo 11, 2010

The Visit

Miss Van
César and Alberto came to visit. Three days non-stop filming and photographing.
I found an old Miss Van graffiti.
More nice girl graffiti art: Fafi.
César y Alberto vinieron de visita. Tres días sin parar de filmar y fotografíar.
Encontré un viejo Miss Van graffiti.
Más graffiti art de chicas: Fafi.

4 comentarios:

Yolanda dijo...

crei que se respetaban los graffitis. Que burradas le hicieron.

Anónimo dijo...

que guaapos son esos chicos...

sandra dijo...

i like to go visit that miss van picture everytime i'm in berlin. the korpis text was written by johan the first time we were there (2005) and the second time we were there i drew the little happy character with black hair to the right :) so funny you saw me, would have been fun to say hi, hope i didn't look scary ;)

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Oh! Sandar, Next time you can be sure I'm gonna say you something. You didn't look scary at all, you're a lovely couple!