jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

I feel a little bit stressed today. I have a lot of things to do!
I received some of the ornaments fron the Holiday Ornament swap. You can see them here and here. They're beautiful!

I want to thank all of you for your beautiful comments about the christmas gift tag. I hope you enjoy it because I made it for you! Next week a new one!
A great discovery: Heather Moore.

jueves, noviembre 23, 2006


I feel a little bit lazy today.
This morning the sun was here but now the day turned grey.
I have a lot of illustratioon work to do but I want to sew...but I can´t...I have to work.
This weekend I finished a new tablecloth in linen and I sewed some red cotton thread on it. I like it. I like red.
I try to stamp but I don't know how to do it properly. Maybe I'm accustomed to silkscreening. I can't find any stamp ink pad for fabric here in Spain. I found in the net something called Versacraft or Fabrico. Does any of you know them or use them? maybe I should try.
I wish you all a great day and all of you in the USA a great Thanksgiving day!

lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Last weekend has been grey. But my orange boots helped me, they cheer me up!

I made these christmas gift tags for you. If anyone wants to use them, email me and I'll send you a PDF template with six tags to print and cut.
I wish you a Sunny Monday!

jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

I participated in the Holiday swap organized by Nicole and Kathleen. Today I went to the post office. I hope you like the ornaments!
mail day
I finished the Christmas postcard and I hope it comes soon from the printer.
Christmas card
I love Sweetnellie softies.
Beautiful work from Petra Borner. You can find some of her work at Habitat.
Hannah Firmin.

viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Well, definitely I can't understand all the problems and complexity of all the different internet browsers! Some of you have been very kind letting me know about the problem when viewing my webshop. After trying to fix it I can only say that I can't fix it and I don´t know why Internet Explorer doesn't want to show my webshop propperly. It's very frustrating. If anyone has a good idea or solution that could be helpfully(more helpfully than mine, which is to bump my computer with a pillow), I thank you in advance.

For all of you who pursue your dreams: Trust22.

I've been bussy finishing some projects:

A Bunny for Inês.

A Wolfboy for a boy named Jonatan.

jueves, noviembre 02, 2006

Food and fun

I updated the shop, finally!!
Im' amazed with the creativity some people has with food. And most of it in Halloween!
I'm always love Myra's creations and she's amazing with food: pigs,carrots,Onis,...
And I found this creepy cupcakes from Creative Kismet. So funny!
Ghost cupcake.
Cookie Monsters.
A melon bunny.
A bat cake.
Another melon.
A cow. Fantastic!
Halloween lemurs.
I hope you spent a funny Halloween!