martes, agosto 15, 2006

I miss the Holidays!!

A scary octopuss and Puerto Sóller (Mallorca)

Cala Agulla (Cala Ratjada-Mallorca) and our air mattress for the waves.

I want to thank you for the kind comments you said about my fabric collages,specially this one. It was a project of 4 collages but I couldn't finish them all, so I sent them to some people whose work I admire. After that some of you emailed me to let me know about your interest in having one of those to put together by yourself. Yesterday I took some time and silkscreened 5 (the only 5 I'll make) and put them in the shop. You cam kae your won collage with a approximate mesures of 19 x 15 cm (7.5 x 5.9 in ). Thanks for your interest!

4 comentarios:

Majeak Ann dijo...

Hola Natascha..que lindas telas...ay..sí que adoro esto.
Muy lindo todo!
beso :*

cathygaubert dijo...

yippee! i just emailed you about ordering one of your collage packets. i hope that i am not too late!!! :)

çläu dijo...

Hola Natascha, estás nominada en y yo di mi voto!!! ;)

chicadecanela dijo...

Me encanta este kit! Es una idea estupenda, ¡una chulada!