martes, agosto 23, 2005


There is people with wonderful ideas. Paulo had this one: Postcrossing.
This is my postcard and it goes to Germany (Yes, it's weird, isn't it? My first postcard and it goes to my second land, Germany!!)

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carly dijo...

Hi! I am completely inspired by your work and I am so glad you are blogging ,I will be checking back often to see what fun work you have been upto.... I have 'The artists way'too but i find the internet far more inspiring....there are so many crafty/arty things to see and do.

wiSHEs&HEros dijo...

It's a very good idea. I recived 10 and sent 10 allready. This postcard is great, i love it!

olivia-p dijo...

Qué lindos dibujos, acabo de descubrir que tienes blog, :), ala a los favoritos

TrêsGatosMiaus dijo...

O teu blog é lindo mesmo.

Para quando uma troca???


lyn dijo...

I love your work !
I'll be back. : )