miércoles, junio 29, 2011


It's very hot here in Berlin.

A cardboard city by Vicky Knysh.
Hace mucho calor!

Una ciudad de cartón de Vicky Knysh.

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[sen.siˈʝes] dijo...

here in frankfurt too but they say it's going to rain and cool down very soon :)

M. dijo...

Hot in Paris, too... we're all suffering together at least!

BTW, saw one of your books at Librairie Gibert on Boulevard Saint Michel yesterday: I got all puffed up and excited about it!!

Annton Beate Schmidt dijo...

oh yes, it is!

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Yes [sen.siˈʝes] today it is cool!
M. Oh! what a nice new... it sounds so fancy to have a book "au Boulevard Saint Michel". Thank you for letting me know!!Sincerely is a very good new.

Annton Beate.. today is better, isn't?

Annton Beate Schmidt dijo...

Seems, we still stuck in April, expect it gets much warmer. BTW. if you like, you're most welcome to stop by at the studio and have a coffee.

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Annton Beate Schmidt I'll drop by the studio to see you when I have a free moment. Maybe next week?

Annton Beate Schmidt dijo...

Whenever you'll like; contact details on my site. Give me a call and I'll brew the coffee.