jueves, marzo 17, 2011

Gracias / Thank you

I thank all those who, during these days have commented on this blog or have sent me emails with your feelings about the Japan illustration.
I'm overwhelmed and grateful for your kind words.
I know that through the network are emerging initiatives to raise funds, some of them by selling prints of some illustrations.
I was asked if I would do the same. It was never my intention to do it and, frankly at this distressing and sad situation, I think it's much more useful and faster to apply directly to the various international organizations who are collecting funds for Japan and make a donation.
Here you have some of them:
Japanese Red Cross Society
Medecins Sans Frontières
Save the Children

My gratitude and love to all of you in these uncertain times.
Os doy las gracias a todos los que, durante estos días habéis comentado en este blog o me habéis enviado emails con vuestras impresiones acerca de la ilustración sobre Japón.
Me siento abrumada y agradecida por vuestras amables palabras.
Sé que a través de la red están surgiendo diversas iniciativas para recaudar fondos, algunas de ellas mediante la venta de prints de determinadas ilustraciones.
Me han preguntado si iba a hacer lo mismo. Nunca ha sido mi intención hacerlo y, sinceramente, ante esta angustiosa y triste situación, creo que es mucho más útil y rápido dirigirse directamente a las distintas organizaciones internacionales que están recogiendo fondos para Japón y hacer una donación.
Aquí os dejo algunas de ellas:
Japanese Red Cross Society
Medecins Sans Frontières
Save the Children

Mi gratitud y cariño a todos en estos momentos de incertidumbre.

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sopchan dijo...

Thanks for linking to these charities. I have been doing some fundraising for British Red Cross and Save the Children. Would you mind if I used your illustration just to catch attention to the cause (not to sell or distribute, but to put on the collection box). I understand if you would rather I didn't. It's an emotive picture, and both my mum (who is Japanese) and I love it.

Natascha Rosenberg dijo...

Thank you Sopchan. Of course you can use the illstration. :)

sopchan dijo...

Thank you!! :D