sábado, octubre 09, 2010


Taking a look at the murals yesterday.
The big one is from Alexandros Vasmoulakis. Amazing work!

Alicante organzes again the Salón del Libro Ilustrado (a kind of bookfair)
Echando un vistazo a los murales ayer.
El grande es de Alexandros Vasmoulakis. Increíble trabajo!

Alicante celebra de nuevo el Salón del Libro Ilustrado.

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Walter Silva dijo...

These are stunning, Wish I was there.

ameskeria dijo...


Chantal dijo...

I agree, that last one is particularly stunning!

Tali dijo...

wow, seriously amazing!

edgy dijo...


Olgi dijo...

Oh my god... this birds are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!