viernes, agosto 22, 2008


Cup of the day


We're planning our trip this september: Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.
Some suggestions?

Gwen Keraval

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elisaann dijo...

I lived in NYC for over 9 years and I have tons of restaurant suggestions if you want them. Otherwise I would suggest a ride on the Staten Island Ferry & back (it’s free and you get a great view of the Statue of Liberty) or you could take one of the more touristy boat rides around Manhattan which is really informative and you get to see all of the boroughs on one trip. You might want to walk through Central Park if only for an hour or so (but bring a map I sometimes get confused/lost in there) – it’s going to be really pretty and the weather should be cooler for the walk.

andrea tachezy dijo...

No suggestions - I have never been there :-) but I have to say, that I like your blog and your work very much!

eendar dijo...

Que suerte!! Yo tengo una sugerencia, que si vas a un chino te pidas sesame chicken... que ricoooooooo :D
Ay, y en Nueva York no compres camaras de fotos o cosas a si que te tongan seguro.
pasalo muy bien!!!!!!

Señorita Puri dijo...

Sí, una: que me llevéééééis jajajajajajaja
(recibidos los certificados y la postal, gracias!).


natascha dijo...

Thank you Elisaan. This is my third time in New York. I've done all the "tourist things". You're right the tourist boat rides was the best way to have a perspective about the city. But If you don't mind I would love to know your restaurants suggestions too!

natascha dijo...

Andrea! Thank you! You're always welcome.

Eendar, muchas gracias! Pediré el sésame chicken...con lo que me gusta el sésamo a mi!

Señorita Puri, me alegro de que lo recibieras! Te llevaría si pudiera aunque no creo que de vuelta quepas en la maleta. Vendrá llena de libros!

eNé dijo...

a New York? que asco no? buff, ni loca voy yo..con tanta gente, edificios, museos, tiendas...


snif...que envidia mas cochina..y encima hoy he vuelto a trabajar..creo que tengo sindrome postvacional..jajaja, y mi ordenador lleva con internet yendo y viniendo toda la mañana..esta como yo!!!

que suerte Natascha, seguro que vienes encantada..ya nos contaras!

mikodesign dijo...

wow,that is so great! I was never in new york,but I know Dean and Deluca must be great. Milk magazine had a great guide to new york kids stores,I can scan that for you.This isa great place to see someof the shops in New York

xx erika

natascha dijo...

Ené! Espero que estés bien.

Mikodesign, thanks you for the link. I know some of the stores but I found some good advices. It would be great if you send me a few stores address from Milk magazine. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xx

elisaann dijo...

Natascha, I'll email you my suggestions (and any friend suggestions) for resturants this week. -elisaann