miércoles, julio 09, 2008

A visit to Cesar's Studio.
For the little Chloé everything is so exciting these days!

Chloé's sleeping toys mob.

Illustrator Renaud Perrin.

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orange you lucky! dijo...

Nice toy mob!
Where have you got these Pokoyo toys?

natascha dijo...

Hi! Helen, this toy mob belongs to my little friend Chloe. Pocoyo is a spanish creation and all the kids here love him (including me), you can find him everywhere. The company who makes them is called Bandai. On the UK you can find it here:

karin dijo...

It's very interesting and inspiring to visit sb.'s workplace.
Nice link and I like your new softies.

angela dijo...

Hello natascha,

I love your blog, I add the link to my favorite.
have a great summer,