martes, julio 08, 2008



Detail from an illustration for a French publisher. A story about a fairy and a little girl.

The photo trade.

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orange you lucky! dijo...

Super Cute!

Marina dijo...

Hola! Que hermoso es tu blog.
Me encanta el encabezado!
Un saludo,

Kelly Medina dijo...


Danielle McDonald dijo...

Love it! I feel her joy! Thanks also for your encouragement on my lino prints! You have definitely inspired me, but it really is time consuming isn't it! I printed from it last night and am not sure that I like it, but it is my first attempt! I think I need lots more practice!

Amaluna dijo...

que lindo estilo tenés! muy muy bien!! :D esta nenita esta super bonita! :) Saludos desde Guatemala

alisios dijo...

Me encanta (^_^) esta genial!
un beso