jueves, junio 12, 2008



The weather is weird these days. We haven't had the chance to wear short sleeved yet. It rains and at the end of the day the sun comes out. But I confess that I love it, though. The plants and tres look happy (well, greener means happier, isn't it?)

I'm featured in Illustrophile. Thank you very much!

Elspeth Pikar
A friend Luise Keller, jewelry designer, has now a shop on Etsy.

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Xavier Salomó dijo...

Hola, Natascha!
La segunda foto es preciosa, y la pintura exquisita. El oso blanco, las nubes a topos... y el ciervo malvado.
Una vez más, felicidades sinceras.

.faso dijo...


The weather is so weird - it's like a person. He have good and bad days, but he's a happy guy who loves smile -the sun is the smile of sky.

And Yes, greener means happier! X)



Itziar San Vicente dijo...

Hola Natascha!
Me había pasado alguna vez por aquí, pero creo que no te había escrito. Me encanta tu cabecera, es preciosa.. Y Milo, más majo..

rach dijo...

hi natacha, thankyou so much for the matcha cakes recipe, i'll look forward to trying!

the weather very strange here today also, hot and sunny one moment and then very chilly the next..
take care love rachel xxxxxxxx

natascha dijo...

Muchísimas gracias Xavier!
Gracias Itziar!
Rach I'm sure you gonna love these matcha cakes!

Alina Chau dijo...

soo many charming lovely paintings!! Beautiful!

Alice dijo...

Me encantan tus ilustraciones y tu blog! Encantada de conocerte. Besito

instantanés dijo...

Great links ... and great pictures :) !!