domingo, junio 01, 2008

It was raining again, all weekend.
I was trying new techniques... Linocut.

and new recipes: this one.

This blog is one of my favourites these days.

3 comentarios:

Màriam dijo...

mmmh, que magdalenas más ricas! El linóleum es un vicio, ya verás. Los collages de más abajo son estupendos, me encanta el zorro!

Christiane dijo...

I like your linocuts, I bought some stuff for it but never got around to use it...We also have crap summer weather over here, whereas in Northern Germany it has been very hot + sunny for weeks!

Marie-Louise dijo...

Linocut, it is so nice with this black and white contrast. And I am thinking of my daughter, it is her favorite metod.
Your looks fine!