martes, junio 24, 2008

I'm reading Jeffrey Brown's book these days. I'm not very fan of cats but I admit I'm having a good time reading it. More about Jeffrey's Brown work here.
My dog Chuch is reading it too. He is 26 years old. My old friend!
These are some sketches I did for the Caperucita painting.
Found a feather today on my desk.Who could have lost it?
Bodalee shop

lunes, junio 23, 2008

The new batch of Nanibirds is here! Thanks Josh!
If you want to do your own with my design, go here to batch two and download your A4 printable pdf. Enjoy!

Animals on the underground.(via Señorita Puri)

viernes, junio 20, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood is finished. Painting-collage.
46 x 38 cm.
It's in the shop.

Illustrator Geneviève Gobout blog.
Illustrator Véronique Joffre blog

jueves, junio 19, 2008



Almost finished collage.

Jeffrey Lamont Brown photographs.

miércoles, junio 18, 2008

My feelings this afternoon.
Destination: France
This package goes to ... France!

Jung-In Choi illustration in my studio board.

Kodomo no kuni Japanese magazine for children from the 1920's.

jueves, junio 12, 2008



The weather is weird these days. We haven't had the chance to wear short sleeved yet. It rains and at the end of the day the sun comes out. But I confess that I love it, though. The plants and tres look happy (well, greener means happier, isn't it?)

I'm featured in Illustrophile. Thank you very much!

Elspeth Pikar
A friend Luise Keller, jewelry designer, has now a shop on Etsy.

miércoles, junio 11, 2008

New painting


The new painting. I was playing with paper, acrylics and gouache. tomorrow is the time for a glaze coat.

And my friend Chloé is one year old today. Happy Birthday Chloé!!
I can't wait to talk with her about the things she like!

lunes, junio 09, 2008

Who is the cat?
The painting-collage it' s finished.
(30 x 30 cm on board)
Now I'll apply a glaze coat to protect it.

A new discovery: the amazing Sebastiaan Van Donink. So inspiring! And an interview here.

domingo, junio 08, 2008

Working on the "Who is the cat?" painting.
Australian LMNOP Magazine

sábado, junio 07, 2008

The hunter
Working on a new painting.
I want this game!

viernes, junio 06, 2008

Sketching new characters.

If you like Oliver Jeffers: Look at book.
Summer Small Magazine.

miércoles, junio 04, 2008



I have a visitor in my studio: Milo.


Chris Natrop

domingo, junio 01, 2008

It was raining again, all weekend.
I was trying new techniques... Linocut.

and new recipes: this one.

This blog is one of my favourites these days.