lunes, mayo 12, 2008

This is so annoying. I have the flu.
But.... the weekend was good, sewing, playing with kids and enjoying lunch with friends.
Now I have to take my soup and go to bed. I wish you all a happy and healthy day!





8 comentarios:

alix dijo...

vaya...que te mejores pronto!
un abrazo

Jazmin Velasco dijo...

que te pongas buena pronto, chica. Seguro el sol esta tan radiante alla como aca.

eendar dijo...

ohhh por aqui estamos todos mocosos tambien!!
Ponte buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Mil besos

sy dijo...

i find your blog from flickr, i enjoy with yours photos and drawing. everything beautiful. thanks

Esti dijo...

espero que se pase pronto el resfriado. está por todas partes: menuda primavera!

blotch dijo...

mmmm... playing with kids on weekend... I'm afraid you have the "kindergarden flu" which is the worst kind!!
Get well soon!!

Alina Chau dijo...

soo pretty!!

ÂmË dijo...

Oh, I got a flu too, hope you'll be fine soon.

You had couscous for lunch? Anyway... looks delicious.