lunes, abril 21, 2008


During one month the area "el Triángulo de Ballesta" in Madrid will welcome the art and creations of several artists, designers and crafters. There are 13 empty commercial spaces availables (these spaces used to be 4 bordellos, a dry cleaner's, a bakery and a furrier's amongst other) which have now been converted into art spaces (illustration, photography, fashion and accesories). For more information here. It was very interesting. I'd loved the spaces!
Si os pasáis no os perdáis el espacio de mis queridos Le Toy en Espacio MaxLuz en Puebla 13.

And I saw a photograph show by Horacio Coppola.

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Esti dijo...

¡qué buena idea! Ya podrían hacer cosas similares por aquí.