lunes, marzo 24, 2008

I didn't notice the Easter this year. This cold doesn't want to leave.
This weekend I felt a bit better so we enjoyed a breakfast that we could savor again.
It just started a very unusual springtime here... so cold!

Maria Carluccio

DY City Mag

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Jasmine Mirra Turcotte dijo...

Hummmmmm! That looks so delicious!

Just so that you don't feel too alone, we also have a very cold spring...And here, it would not stop snowing.

I really like your bunny.

Pajara Pinta dijo...

you're back!!! good to hear from you, hope the moving went well... and spring will bring you lots and lots of flowers!!!

leave you a vanilla ice-cream is good on Tuesdays!

flying away now!

vlijtig dijo...

I'm just wondering about the snow this easter. But you turn it in a beatiful drawing! What a talent!

syko kajsa dijo...

It is snowing here as well, crazy! But your bunny is so sweet!

tipika dijo...

Preciosa la ilustración ¿te he dicho ya que me encanta el rumbo que toma tu trabajo?

Un besazo

olivelse dijo...

Coucou Natascha,
J'espère que tu vas mieux !
Ces crêpes fraises-chantilly sont super appétissantes !!! Bises