martes, marzo 11, 2008


Give a hoot! (J. Otto)

Reminder (Linzie Hunter)

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curiosa dijo...

Hola, que cositas tan lindas haces!!!

karin dijo...

This is the most wonderful girl!
I like how she looks at her thoughts :)
The way she's dressed is so super!

Gsus dijo...

me gusta la ropa, esos pantalones tipo "epi y blas" y esos colores.

i like the clothes, this trousers "erny and berny" style (sesame st.) and the colours are cool.

Marie-Louise dijo...

hope that she feels better tomorrow...

Esti dijo...

Is she thinking that of herself? UFFF, What a bad bad day... I'm sure she can get over it.

sheree dijo...

fantastic illo! (my favorite color is orange) :)

it is hard to resist those thoughts especially if you struggle with your art and try to make a living with it as well!

i also love the j. otto "give a hoot" illo --- i laughed out loud and figure i need that posted on every door in my house. :)

also love your "moving on" post. if you find a really deep well let me know b/c i have a few things that need getting rid of as well. :)

a big fan,

natascha dijo...

Curiosa, muchas gracias!!
Karin, thanks very much!
Gsus, muchas gracias, estaba probando. Me gusta eso de Epi y había pensado en ello.
Marie-Louise! I feel better today, thanks.
Esti, it was a grey day. gets better.
Sheree,Thanks! I'm glad you like the illo. These boring thoughts are always there.:(
I'm searching the well!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Excellent picture, big fan of your work!

take care and hope everything is well


Jesse dijo...

Some days are exactly like this!

Merce dijo...

Linda muchachita !!