lunes, marzo 03, 2008

Before my list continues growing I have to post about the "Make my day award" that Christiane gave me (Thank you Christiane, I'm sorry I'm late). Today my award goes to:
Jamie and her blog : not only because she posted and interview with me, but also because you find a lot of information about other crafters and artists.
Christiane's new website.
Books by its cover: always inspiring
Bloesem Kids.
Evalunda and her Tokio pictures.

I was tagged by Karin some time ago: "Do you have any long-time wishes or heart projects? Hmmmm... maybe trying pottery or have a big garden and gardening... I change my mind everytime.

I've been busy this week, finishing a project. I can't talk about it now (it's a secret!) but I'll let you know in the up coming months.

Do you feel the springtime?

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Christine dijo...

*haha* he's glorious:)))

fine little day dijo...

Cute :)!

Anja dijo...


Jessica dijo...

I simply love that stuffed dog!

Esti dijo...

I like the dog! He seems to be in love!

Frizz dijo...

Great link and interview. Nice portrait - I can put a face to a name now.

You are so inspiring!

laura dijo...

Yo no siento la primavera, con este cambio de temperatura, aún estamos en el crudo invierno. Me encanta tu perro.