lunes, marzo 31, 2008


Several words have been in my head for the past few days: ability, fun, talent, creativity, freedom, originality… and many other ideas that sometimes help and other times influence our mood and our daily life.

Ana and I haven’t suddenly had the most original idea, we haven’t thought of something really special that hasn’t been done before. We’ve thought of doing something we haven’t tried to do before, to commit to do a sketch once per day. Our project will be called ‘The Healing Sketch’ and you are all welcome to participate.

There are no rules to participate, there is no need of an expensive moleskine… you can use any sketch book you like, plain, with lines, with squares… just use whatever you like. Drawing on a book will be more practical and it can also be used as a diary and could end up being a piece of art that you can leave on your inheritance.

Each one can have different reasons to participate, in some cases it could be to start up your day… to end up your day doing something fun, to release frustration because you’ve missed the train… or to show us something nice… or just because you want to say thank you for a sunny day!

The fundamental principle is to play and have fun!

It doesn’t matter if someone writes a comment on your images or if someone doesn’t like it… we don’t mind! and we won’t mind if one day you have nothing to draw.

We have started a flickr group so we can share our sketches. If you want to play, you are all invited.

You can also use one of our buttons on your blog if you like, you can find them here.

"My secret for drawing is not a secret. It is sitting down and drawing. I do the best I can which means I try not to do it right but just to do it as I feel and as I see.
Getting it right is not a good goal.
The biggest secret is perseverance. Just not stopping no matter what.
Though I do stop to run and play tennis so I won’t weigh too much.
But that is a whole other story.
I do everything I do because I love to do it, even when I worry or am confused or slightly in despair. Those feelings usually pass. And then the next day is there.
Always a good thing. The next day."
Maira Kalman

jueves, marzo 27, 2008

Miguel made for me this sandwich. A doubtful sandwich with onion eyebrows. Yummy!!
I had lunch with some friends and I went for a walk.
Yes... I know... what a bussy day! But we need days like these!
The Right Brain vs Left Brain test (via Linzie Hunter)
Javier Olivares animation for Canal+. So good!

lunes, marzo 24, 2008

I didn't notice the Easter this year. This cold doesn't want to leave.
This weekend I felt a bit better so we enjoyed a breakfast that we could savor again.
It just started a very unusual springtime here... so cold!

Maria Carluccio

DY City Mag

jueves, marzo 13, 2008

Moving on

Moving on

martes, marzo 11, 2008


Give a hoot! (J. Otto)

Reminder (Linzie Hunter)

lunes, marzo 10, 2008




A sunny weekend! With cookies, general elections, movie (the Kite Runner) and time to sleep.

I found this amazing blog: Olivelse.
I love the ukelélés an I love her posts.

Hutup (via Olivelse)

viernes, marzo 07, 2008

Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum

Yesterday I visited the new building of Caixa Forum here in Madrid. It was designed by swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Menon.

Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum

This building dedicated to the arts will hold exhibitions, concerts, screenings and conferences.

Caixa Forum

Outside you can see some of Igor Mitoraj's sculptures.

I discovered in London the photograph Margaret Bourke-White. Such beautiful pictures.

lunes, marzo 03, 2008

Before my list continues growing I have to post about the "Make my day award" that Christiane gave me (Thank you Christiane, I'm sorry I'm late). Today my award goes to:
Jamie and her blog : not only because she posted and interview with me, but also because you find a lot of information about other crafters and artists.
Christiane's new website.
Books by its cover: always inspiring
Bloesem Kids.
Evalunda and her Tokio pictures.

I was tagged by Karin some time ago: "Do you have any long-time wishes or heart projects? Hmmmm... maybe trying pottery or have a big garden and gardening... I change my mind everytime.

I've been busy this week, finishing a project. I can't talk about it now (it's a secret!) but I'll let you know in the up coming months.

Do you feel the springtime?