lunes, febrero 25, 2008



I finished some changes on my website and the shop is updated.
Thanks Ana for your help! (she's so good in actionscript and all this kind of stuff!)
Harriet Russell.
If you have kids I'm sure they love Pocoyo.

7 comentarios:

tipika dijo...

está muy bien la web

¡¡felicidades! a ver si me animo yo un año de estos!

Zoe dijo...

Lexie is a big fan of pocoyo and the pink ballerina elephant ( i think her name is ellie?)

love your illustration here :)

Cakespy dijo...

Your work is so beautiful!

eendar dijo...

yo no tengo niños, pero me encanta pocoyo, me quedo alelada viendolo cuando lo pillo en los zappings, es tan sencillito que me obnubila :D

Ohla Ohla!! dijo...

Beautiful it!! Looking forward for more..

Marie-Louise dijo...

I like this illustration it is so playful! Nice colours to.

Anja dijo...

I´ve just visited your website. I really love your work (your children and the editorial stuff)! Nice to see illos I´ve never seen before.