martes, enero 08, 2008


I received great gifts this Christmas:

One of them is an origami calendar (Thanks David!). I start everyday doing an origami figure (Weekends are origami-free). Today it was a raincoat. I'll show you some of them during this year.

Anja's Boretzki artwork

Another one was a package from Anja. She sent e a lot of postcards, huge postcards whit characters "to build" and Fleißkärtchen (Sorry, I don't know the name in english). She is incredibly talented! I just love her style. If you want to know more about her work here is her website. She has a blog too. Thank you Anja, you made me very happy!

7 comentarios:

alix dijo...

qué bueno el calendario origami! y las postales de Anja! debes haberte portado muy bien este año! :)

Kelly Medina dijo...

What a great calendar idea!

Those postcards are so colorful and sweet.

Very nice gifts indeed.

syko kajsa dijo...

Happy new year! Anja's work looks great, now off to check her site!

Danielle McDonald dijo...

Wow - thank you for sharing Anja's work. I just looked at her blog and her work is wondeful.

Marie-Louise Sundqvist Keramiker/Konsthantverkare dijo...

So nice to see the cards! And now I have been to the postoffice and sent something to you.

Anja dijo...

Liebe Natascha, freut mich, dass dir meine Karten gefallen. Thank you for your nice mail. I love your Pipi-illo. You don´t have to send me another present - but if you want to, I´ll look forward to it.
Love Anja

miss framboesa dijo...

Me podrias dar más información sobre tu calendári de origami?? Soy aficcionada y me encantaría empezar cada día con uno nuevo!!