jueves, diciembre 13, 2007

I don't normally post pictures about myself (it's not very interesting), but I wanted to introduce you my new friend Chloé.


We still don't talk much (she's half a year old) but she lets me play with her toys and she trusts me... that means a lot! (I don't always get that with adults!).
Oh! And she also likes the things I do. If she likes something, she puts it straight in her mouth... it's a kind of "bite of approval".
She's going to get one of my Mukis this Christmas (yes, the little bunnies). This is a picture of them.


Each bunny has two sides, on one he is awake and on the other he's sleeping and each comes with a wool scarf (in case you take them outside with you).


They are available in my shop and in the show.

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Jesse dijo...

How funny! I've just posted a photo of a tiny person biting one of my toys too :) Glad to know it means approval. Chloe's very cute, and your bunnies are gorgeous!

karin dijo...

Natascha, your bunnies are great. Nice to see you :)

Señorita Puri dijo...

Madre qué niña más rica! Y los conejitos los había visto pero no me dí cuenta de que tiene dos lados. Me parece una idea genial. Felicidades. Besitos.

Frizz dijo...

What a beautiful little girl - she's like a doll. Great bunnies. I like the sleepers.

Clauditachin dijo...

love that bunny

chicadecanela dijo...

Me encantan estos "Mukis": ¡son adorables!

Coisas de Bem Querer dijo...


Isa dijo...

Hola, gracias por tu comentario.
He visto lo último de tu blog y me encantan estos muñecos.