martes, noviembre 27, 2007

Perfect day

Work on progress


Time to eat

Almost finished

The sun is shining! It helps me to screenprint. It's a pleasure to do it with natural light.

Stacking Fabric Christmas Trees. Thanks Sara.
Follow the line.
Wonderful photos (via Superhero)

7 comentarios:

Frizz dijo...

Wish I was there in your perfect day.
Looks, well...perfect! Great stuff!

karin dijo...

Really looks perfect. Thr candle faces are cute :)

proyecto kieu dijo...

El plan del finde:
¡Espero que os animeis a venir, que lo reenvieis y que lo disfruteis tanto como yo! ;)

Marina Sol Haller dijo...

I love your blog :)

Anja dijo...

Oh, and this cat is wonderful, too!

Anónimo dijo...

Guau! que chulada de ilustraciones ^^
me encantan!

TinkerBlue dijo...

Love the faces on the candles!