miércoles, noviembre 21, 2007

New release
The copies of the book I did for Harcourt arrived yesterday.

And it was raining all day long!

Work in progress
Working and...

discovering a new poet: Sara Teasdale. Thanks to Ana's teas.
I would love to take a nap like Flip.
I'm in love with Rob Ryan's prints.
The song of the day.
I'm having a bit of a silly day ... sorry.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrates it.

4 comentarios:

myra dijo...

Natascha! The book looks great, congratulations! I love seeing your work in progress too.

Jesse dijo...

It must be really satisfying to see your work in print! The books look lovely.

SalulaidSolarte dijo...

Hola! No he leido todo tu blog pero lo que veo me gusta. Donde pones tus cosas a la venta?/Hello! I have not yet read many entries but I like what I have seen. Where do you sell your things? I also live in Madrid! Bye.

Yannick Thomé dijo...

J'adore les photos de table de travail ou d'atelier !