jueves, noviembre 29, 2007




Protecting your self esteem.
Thanks Keri for reminding me.

martes, noviembre 27, 2007

Perfect day

Work on progress


Time to eat

Almost finished

The sun is shining! It helps me to screenprint. It's a pleasure to do it with natural light.

Stacking Fabric Christmas Trees. Thanks Sara.
Follow the line.
Wonderful photos (via Superhero)

lunes, noviembre 26, 2007

In the shower

In the shower

Akamatsu Naoki.
Shelley Scraps blog.

jueves, noviembre 22, 2007

At the Museum

At the Museum

At the Museum
For the upcoming show.

Steve Mack: ABC Book.
Claire Kramer. Beautiful pictures.

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

miércoles, noviembre 21, 2007

New release
The copies of the book I did for Harcourt arrived yesterday.

And it was raining all day long!

Work in progress
Working and...

discovering a new poet: Sara Teasdale. Thanks to Ana's teas.
I would love to take a nap like Flip.
I'm in love with Rob Ryan's prints.
The song of the day.
I'm having a bit of a silly day ... sorry.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrates it.

viernes, noviembre 16, 2007



I'm waiting patiently for Maira Kalman's book.
Andrew Hem interview in Guu.

jueves, noviembre 15, 2007


Shanghai VIII

Shanghai VII

"In ancient China, there were four legendary beauties, so beautiful that everything else reacted in shame: the bird flushed, the fish dived, the moon hid, and the flower closed up. Later, people used this metaphor to describe a beauty"
Qui Xialong: "A loyal character dancer"

martes, noviembre 13, 2007


Time to go back home.

China VI

China V

sábado, noviembre 03, 2007

Shanghai I

This is the view from my room here in Shanghai:

This is the interior of the Jing Mao Tower. Is like a honeycomb.