jueves, octubre 11, 2007



Sunny breakfast at the balcony! That's life!
Ana show us the Six thinking hats.
Thanks Amy for the Sheet cheat recipe!
By the way...I'm still waiting for Amy's book...snail mail...I have been waiting for the book since the end of august, the postman must be a snail this time.

Ah! New Radiohead album: In rainbows. Pay what you feel it's right :)

5 comentarios:

karin dijo...

The snail is so so funny. Zum Piepen.

flora dijo...

HAHAHAHA~~~ that little illustration made me laugh! :) So funny!
I've had stuff that got stucked in the post office for 2 months before my friend got it... I know the pain.

hadanae dijo...

mmm soo delicious breakfast!! and what a funny illustration...hahaha

bkhdesign dijo...

your blog is making me hungry

hello natacha dijo...

Your "slow mail" illustration is so funny and so true!