martes, octubre 02, 2007



I was downtown yesterday and i thought about taking some pictures to show you how beautiful Madrid is during this season but it started to rain and i ran around from one place to another like a rabbit into his hole.


To play with words:
Katte O'Connor
Ray Fenwick

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hadanae dijo...

hahaha... you seem a little bit afraid of that cloud running to you!
Madrid is beautiful with or without rain, anyway...
I like your pictures...they're so cute!!

Anja dijo...

Like the the illo and the story about it too. The work below is also great. Love the style and the colours. When it is christmas time I´m going to sent you a Fleißkärtchen package. Anja.

flora dijo...

Those windows are so beautiful!! :)
Love the illustration!! (The orange bag is so cute too!) xo

Christiane dijo...

this looks just great, the colours and the design.
Are you a German living in Madrid?:o)

natascha dijo...

Thank you all!
Anja...Thanks very much! I'll try to be be sehr fleissich bis Weihnachten.
Christiane... I'm half german-half spanisch (but I dream in spanisch)

Rachel dijo...

love this illustration!!