lunes, septiembre 24, 2007

La noche en blanco

La noche en blanco
La noche en blanco
Saturday was the Noche en Blanco in Madrid: "It is a joint cultural event which aims to bring the newest forms of contemporary art expression closer to citizens in a fun, festive way." It was funny and very interesting. We stay until 5 a.m.

Ana sent me some pictures from her trip to Ireland. So beautiful and inspiring. I came with an idea about a new story about a dog. Here is the fist sketch:
the fisherboy dog

3 comentarios:

ruthie dijo...

oh que ilustración más bonita!! y que ganas de saber más sobre la historia :-)
que noche más buena la noche en blanco verdad?

flora dijo...

oh oh oh i love the sketch! actually i think it's too good to call it a sketch!! so sweet!!! I LOVE IT!!!
(i thought nobody would actually visit my jellyfish blog... hehe!)

Jesse dijo...

The sketch has a lovely mood to it!