jueves, agosto 02, 2007

Here in Madrid everybody's leaving for vacations. Not me... I have to work on an educational book. (Well... we'll go a few days to Gothenburg-Sweden at the end of the month!!)
It's so hot these days here!

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Zoe dijo...

I wish I was in Madrid right now to get some warmth!!!

Oh and you've been tagged! I hope you're ok with that...I know some people aren't keen on doing these things


eendar dijo...

yo me quedo aqui contigo, haciendote compañia en la distancia :D A proposito, patri soltó su bichillo ;)

de vliegende koe dijo...

Hi Natasha, I was tagged by Zoe too, so I visit your blog. You have a wonderful blog and I like your drawings. I was once in Madrid in October 1993, I loved it very much!

Ana dijo...

Valiente la niña! :-) Que bonita ilustracion!

3ster dijo...

Guau, unas ilustraciones lindas y llenas de encanto, seguro que esoos libros de texto tendrán mucho éxito entre los peques!!
Me alegra encontrar tu blog.. :D


Michael (tweedlebop) dijo...

Hello Natascha! Lovely work - hope you enjoy that break in Sweden (lucky!).