jueves, mayo 10, 2007

Selected illustrators part III

Here I post the last pictures about selected works in the Bologna's Bookfair. Thank you for helping me discover those names I forgot. Perhaps you might know the names of these?
Bolonia Bookfair
I love these image!!

This is a kid talking with his fridge.

One of the bests books I found at the Fair was this one: Scaredy Squirrel. I love the illustrations and the story. I find it so refreshing and I think kids would love this character.

4 comentarios:

Mia Charro dijo...

Muy originales, me gusta el de los animalitos durmiendo :)

vegasandvenice dijo...

I am sorry the fair was not as interesting as last year. It still sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

I like all the illustrators, but really you are still my very very favorite!!


Alina Chau dijo...

THese artworks are beautiful!

Caterine dijo...

the second one is from emilie seron