viernes, mayo 11, 2007


The last day of the Bookfair we decided to take a train and visit Florence. I used to remember everything was bigger than what I found this time. It all seemed to me so small and gathered now. But how can't you fall in love with this city? That's imposible.
We went inside the Cathedral ( Il Duomo) and up to the cupola. It's fascinating to be so close to these frescoes. 3.600 mts of painted surface illustrating heaven and hell!! Amazing.

Gordon Wiebe
Vynil surfaces
February Paper Quilt Artists

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vegasandvenice dijo...

OOooh Italy is my favorite place on earth! Lucky girl, I hope you had a wonderful time!!


Cecilia Rébora dijo...

Hi Natasha
Looking around I found your blog... congratulations.. its great.. thanks for showing us a little of italy and some of the works of the Bologna exhibitions.. I really like your illustrations... congratulations for your work..
cecilia rebora...desde mexico..

Jota dijo...

Wow... nice pics. I love the lion that's about to eat David's head.

And strawberries are yummy :)

suana dijo...

Oh,beautiful Bologna!
I love that city!

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Alina Chau dijo...

THat ceilling is amazing indeed!

colectivo satelite dijo...

Florence is special!!