martes, mayo 29, 2007

A beautiful week

We have some problems with the internet connection but now they're solved. I'm online again!!
I was missing to read some blogs and discover new ones. But I'm back and ready to post a lot of comments!
Well, after Italy I went to England and I stayed at Ana's. It was great to walk with Ana, Danny and Samba through the big and beautiful trees. I miss big trees here in Madrid.
Thanks again Ana and Danny!!
England IV
England II
England III
Illosaurus for illustrators.

viernes, mayo 11, 2007


The last day of the Bookfair we decided to take a train and visit Florence. I used to remember everything was bigger than what I found this time. It all seemed to me so small and gathered now. But how can't you fall in love with this city? That's imposible.
We went inside the Cathedral ( Il Duomo) and up to the cupola. It's fascinating to be so close to these frescoes. 3.600 mts of painted surface illustrating heaven and hell!! Amazing.

Gordon Wiebe
Vynil surfaces
February Paper Quilt Artists

jueves, mayo 10, 2007

Selected illustrators part III

Here I post the last pictures about selected works in the Bologna's Bookfair. Thank you for helping me discover those names I forgot. Perhaps you might know the names of these?
Bolonia Bookfair
I love these image!!

This is a kid talking with his fridge.

One of the bests books I found at the Fair was this one: Scaredy Squirrel. I love the illustrations and the story. I find it so refreshing and I think kids would love this character.

martes, mayo 08, 2007

Selected illustrators

Bologna's Bookfair
I think this is from Franziska Neubert.
Bologna's Bookfair
Lluis Gemeo Mendonça (it's not painted, it's paper cut)

lunes, mayo 07, 2007

Here some pictures of the selected illustrators at the Bologna's Bookfair 2007. Sorry but I can't remember all the names!
Bologna's Bookfair
Kitty Crowther (Amazing!!)
Bologna's Bookfair
Anne Misfeldt and Jorgen Stamp (collage)

Roberta Gorni

Sorry, I don't remember the name of this one.

Franki Sparke website

sábado, mayo 05, 2007

Bologna's Bookfair

Wolf Erlbruch
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I'm back from Bologna's Bookfair. Well, the
bookfair was not as exciting as last year. The conferences were less interesting and I've got the impression that I'm always listening to the same things.
The guest of honour this year was Wallonia-Brussels and I was very impressed with the work of Kitty Crowther.

The best conference was by the german illustrator Wolf Erlbruch (illustration right), great artist for kids and adults. It was a pleasure to listen to this wise man and his perspective as a writer and illustrator.

Ana and I met Sonia and Claudia, argentinian illustrators. Next year their country will be the guest of honour. I wish them fun and luck!
Ita was a great pleasure to share a great dinner with Mónica and Patricia. Their works speak for them, great illustrators, graphic designers and persons.
This week I'm gonna show you some pictures of some of the work by the selected illustrators this year so you can enjoy yourself.
Happy weekend to everyone.