lunes, abril 23, 2007


I go to Bologna. I fly today. I'm so excited. I'm gonna see Ana again and I hope to meet Sonia and Patricia too.
I don't have projects to show but I made these postcards for a little self promotion.
I'll post some photos in the next days.
Happy week to everyone

martes, abril 17, 2007

The show

Thank you very much for your comments!! The show opening was great!! Full of friends and meeting new and interesting people.
The other participants in the show are: Vritis (using his videoinstallations), Julio Falagán, Ruben B. and Cless (collages) and some toys from diferent artists (spanish and japanese).
It was a perfect night to see some people I don't see often. Thanks everybody for coming!And here some pictures:
The show
The show
The show 02

miércoles, abril 11, 2007

Everything is ready for tomorrow. I'm not nervous (maybe tomorrow?).
If you want to come you're welcome. I'm always excited about meeting new people!
We will be in Mad is mad (Calle Pelayo 48) at 20 h. The nearest subway stations are Chueca and Alonso Martinez.
We will be waiting for you with a glass of wine!
See you tomorrow!!
Thank you all for your lovely comments!!

sábado, abril 07, 2007


I can´t found the other boxes so I try with these. It's more difficult to work but...
Lost in the woods
Work in progress
I love Heather Bailey's tutorials.

lunes, abril 02, 2007


Hi everyone!!
I'm really sorry for "desappearing". A lot of things happened during this time. I've been in Germany for 2 weeks, when I came back we packed all our things and moved house.
We don't have internet yet and I want to apologize fo all the emails I received and I haven't answered yet. I promess I will.
I'm very happy in our new home. I have a room for myself to work!! and we have a wonderful balcony to enjoy the sun. The only thing is the colour of the walls. I like white but they're painted in yellow-cream... Well the summer will be a good time for some painting.
I'm working now on the show, a collective show by the beginning of april. I'm nervous and I have to encourage myself everyday. Fear never dissapears! You don't know how helpful all your comments always are! Thank you!