jueves, febrero 08, 2007

I've been tagged by the talented illustrators Anja and Tricia. Hmmm... well, only 6 weird things?
1. I never eat spaguettis or shrimps with people that I don't know very well. Gets on my nerves and I start to sweat and I panic and I have to go.
2. When I start a project with a pencil I have to finish it with that same pencil. I believe that the more the pencils knows about the project the better it can do it.
3. It's hard to throw away a brush even when it's so tear up that you can do anything with it. I believe that I could use it for something else but... that never happens.
4. I can't stand beautiful wool pullover. Not to mention wool 100%!! Itchy!
5. I'm not a very messy person but when I finish a project I HAVE TO clean my desk. While I'm working I don't clean it at all (sometimes months), but when it's finished you don't see a trace of it! Clean desk, new canvas.
6. I'm in a very bad mood when my feet are cold. I always have to keep them warm.

I know I have to tag 6 persons but I prefer that you post your 6 weird things an let us know, posting a link in the comments, who you are and your 6 weird things. Nice to know you new blog friends!

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Zoe dijo...

Oh, I have cold feet constantly throughout the winter months and I get in a bad mood too...it makes the rest of me cold when my feet are cold.

Geek+Nerd dijo...

Hi Natascha - I just started reading your blog and I did this meme a little while ago - here's the link: http://www.geekxnerd.com/2007/01/rules-each-player-of-this-game-starts.html - Cheers, Sarah

Chickengirl dijo...

Why no spegetti or shrimps? Is it because its messy?
Here are my weird things!:

charlie pOp dijo...

aha !
love the 6th point a lot ! :)

amandajean dijo...

I hate to have cold feet as well. recently I made a rice warmer thingy and it has been so nice to warm my cold toes on the cold winter nights! (there are pics on my blog...as well as my 6 weird things...I wrote my list a few weeks back.)
your soft portraits in progress are amazing!!!

tiel s-k dijo...

thanks for sharing.

ruthie dijo...

me gusta el perrito hecho un rosquito :-)
A mi me pasa lo mismo con la lana y con los pies frios, no lo soporto!
Natascha,queria preguntarte si puedes recomendarme algún kit de silk screen porque tengo el gusanillo desde hace tiempo y quisiera iniciarme. Es difícil? alguna sugerencia??
ps: sabes alguna web q venda los kits en España u otra ciudad de Europa??

Anónimo dijo...

I LOVE plain hot water

ruthie dijo...

gracias Natascha. habiamos pensado en el value pack de speedball ;-) bss

Amanda dijo...

oooh I cannot wear wool either, no matter how beautiful! It is very itchy!

Sonia dijo...

A mi me pasa igual con los pullovers de lana y los pies fríos!

Una de mis mejores adquisiciones fue una bolsa de agua caliente que pongo en la cama todas las noches de invierno...VERY WARM ;)

myra dijo...

Great list, I especially liked #2!