jueves, febrero 15, 2007

Monsieur Gato (the writer)

Another Fabric Collage (35 x 27 cm)
What a fun to eat in this plate!
I love hedgehogs! Thi is Fred.
Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2007

martes, febrero 13, 2007

For the April show.
Ben Katchor
Rock Blondsky's Fake Japanese Posters!

domingo, febrero 11, 2007

Paper Quilt Project. Dawbis thank you very much for inviting me to participate. It was fun and a pleasure.
More artists works here.

jueves, febrero 08, 2007

I've been tagged by the talented illustrators Anja and Tricia. Hmmm... well, only 6 weird things?
1. I never eat spaguettis or shrimps with people that I don't know very well. Gets on my nerves and I start to sweat and I panic and I have to go.
2. When I start a project with a pencil I have to finish it with that same pencil. I believe that the more the pencils knows about the project the better it can do it.
3. It's hard to throw away a brush even when it's so tear up that you can do anything with it. I believe that I could use it for something else but... that never happens.
4. I can't stand beautiful wool pullover. Not to mention wool 100%!! Itchy!
5. I'm not a very messy person but when I finish a project I HAVE TO clean my desk. While I'm working I don't clean it at all (sometimes months), but when it's finished you don't see a trace of it! Clean desk, new canvas.
6. I'm in a very bad mood when my feet are cold. I always have to keep them warm.

I know I have to tag 6 persons but I prefer that you post your 6 weird things an let us know, posting a link in the comments, who you are and your 6 weird things. Nice to know you new blog friends!

jueves, febrero 01, 2007

Felted fruit.
Matt Hammill (via Drawn)