domingo, enero 21, 2007

I haven't seen Penelope's assignment results yet. I didn't want to be influenced.
I started by putting a good song and cut my sheet painted in black. I choose "Dessert Rose" by Sting and Cheb Mami. [ I love this song. It's a pitty I don't understand what Cheb mami sings but it sounds beautiful. His voice and language reminds me of one of the most beautiful and magic place in the world: La Alhambra de Granada. I think it's very silly to speak about arabian "occupation" in Spain because after 8 centuries of coexistence I'm sure we can deny the vast influence of the arabian culture and that we are now the result of that .]
Well, I cut my black sheet in several pieces, with roound and sharp edges. For both images I used the same pieces of sheet and I commited myself to use all of them.
My first impulse was to make a figurative image. Looking at the pieces to discover a house, a bird, water... And I ended with this:

My second try was to make something abstract and this is the result:

I realized that when I make a figurative illustration I'm able to use a shape as an object. It simbolizes something, but when I do it abstract I need to connect the pieces. I can't see isolated pieces. I don't know what it means but, thank you Penelope for the play and new discoveries.

3 comentarios:

penelope dijo...

Looks great! I'm so happy you played! The abstract one reminds me a bit of a Miro piece. :) Love it!

anamama dijo...

I prefer the abstract one although I can see some shapes may seem to resemble something: a tree, a man ith a traditional Chinese hat, two flags... Thanks for sharing your assignment!

Jenny dijo...

What an interesting discovery! Isn't it intriguing how our minds "fill in the blanks" when we use symbols?