viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

Summer end

I want to thank you all your beautiful comments about my last post! Thanks very much, it means a lot for me!
I've started a "I can't draw (I don't want)" section in my sketch book. The first one is a car:
back at home

I'll be back home tomorrow, Sunday... I'll miss my mother's cheescake and the flowers....

A beautiful comic from Hope Larson.
Rad Sechrist, I love his work!

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vegasandvenice dijo...

Hey lovely girl! That is the most perfect car of ALL time. I tried drawing a car based on your list and the thoughts I had about your list and apparently I still "don't want" to draw one ... he he!

Your car is just so terrific. You are so extremely talented. I think your "can't draw" list is going to turn into a list of things that you can draw very well!

I am proud of you and I am encouraged! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend lovely!

claudine hellmuth dijo...

that is a wonderful car drawing!!!

Rachel Bosh-Guerra dijo...

Hello and Congratulations!

The votes are all counted, and we are pleased to announce that the crafting community has voted you the winner of the "Best Miscellaneous Fiber Arts" category in the First Annual Plummy Awards! Literally thousands of votes were cast, so this really is a nice nod from the crafty kids to keep on doing what you're doing, because you obviously do something really well!

Below is a link to a button you can post on your website, notifying everyone that you've won an award for your work. We'd also like to send you an award that you can impress all your friends and random strangers who walk through your workspace with! To do this, we'll need you to reply to this email with your address.

You'll also be happy to know that the results will be announced in the upcoming issue of CROQ Zine. Horray, free press opportunity!

Rachel and Amy
Plum of the Month

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Chickengirl dijo...

Well it looks like you can draw a car to me! So cute!

Anónimo dijo...

Great work on your website and on your first item in the "I can't draw" list and good luck with the shoelaces =) Although you probably don't need it cause you're so good at what you do!

h&b dijo...

I love your car !
What do you mean you can't draw them - you obviously can !!


Franfou dijo...

I love the drawing of the car !

Frizz dijo...

Great car!! I knew you could do it. I'm going to try t draw my "I can'ts" too.

Red Cygnet Press dijo...

I'm really a fan of your work. Its lovley.

lyn dijo...

I LOVE your car. Very much.
: )

Anónimo dijo...

Me sumo al grupo: me encanta el coche!

vegasandvenice dijo...

Hey sweet girl,

Have I mentioned lately how very much I Love this car! I love all of your work it is all incredible (like you). This car is a symbol of how very much you inspire me. It is just wonderful!

Thank you for everything! Hugs!