miércoles, septiembre 06, 2006


On a bad day I usually cheer myself up while brushing my teeth. It's an excuse to stand in front of a mirror and pull silly faces imitating animals such as Tigers, mice, crocodiles... even the big Tyrannosaurus Rex!! That never fails to put a smile on my face!
But this week there is no need. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for me to receive a Plummie Award! I'm really flattered!! Thanks! Your inspiration and support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
(my boyfried thanks you for not having to look at my silly faces this morning :D)
Lu and Debbie made the fabric collage! Great work!

10 comentarios:

ladybug dijo...

Que maravilha!

Sweet Pea dijo...

Congratulations! You deserve it :)

Frizz dijo...

Congrats! I love the red riding hood painting. Is that watercolor? CUTE!!

Saeta dijo...

Gracias por visitar mi blog y aunque el inglés no es lo mio las imágenes se hacen enternder.
Me ha encantado tu casa de trapo y también caperucita.

tipika dijo...


que premio es??

jenny dijo...

Congratulations! (P.S. my boyfriend is a dentist....I always make faces at him when I brush my teeth, but to his annoyance, I never floss!)

Caro dijo...

esta lindisima la sonrisa!!!
ideal para que los niños se cepillen los dientes y se diviertan haciendolo!!
ideal para mi pequeño saltamontes!!

you are great!

irisz dijo...

what a great smile!!

plume_de_fee dijo...

Can I print it and put it in my bathroom for my little girl....she's learning to brush her theet. (don't speak english very well)

-plume de fée

plume_de_fee dijo...

Hé! Tu parles français! hihihi Merci pour l'abrobation...l'image va se retrouver dans notre salle de bain. (puis-je ajouter le lien de ton blog sur le mien?)