miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006


Last Saturday night in Madrid was the "Noche en Blanco" (expresion that means to have a sleepless night). All the museums stayed open and there were dancing performances, live music, theater, huge screen video installations, etc... in the street, all night long until 6 am.
We went to a park nearby home, "el Templo de Debod". There was a concert. The name Templo de Debod comes from the egyptian temple, dedicated to the Gods Amon and Isis, that was installed here in 1972. It was a gift from Egypt to Spain for its help building the dam in Asuan. Each country that collaborated in this construction was gifted with one temple. I love this place, it's one of my favourites.
Noche en Blanco
We kept walking to the Sabatini Gardens in the Royal Palace. There was a stage with a dance spectacle. It was kind of cool and raining a little bit but the place is beautiful at night!

Sunday was a bit sleepy but I finished an illustration for a contest and the first piece of a new project of portraits.
Mr. Bear
And today I go to the Book Fair (LIBER). Books, books, books!!

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natacha matic dijo...

we have something similar in France and it's realy nice :)

* I love your teddy bear *

vegasandvenice dijo...

Love the new portraits oh and the houses ... drool I love it all! This sounds like the best night EVER! Do you mind if I come live with you? I can fold up into a tiny suitcase and you won't even notice me *wink*

Hugs brilliant girl!

Franfou dijo...

very cool pictures !!! and the teddy...wow !

tania dijo...

wow! they have decied to have a nuit blanche here soon too-
i came by to catch uip! i love the housees and i love the list of things you can't draw-:)
it's cute not negative and made me feel better that I can't draw hands, or cars really either and proper people? forget it!

ruthie dijo...

hola! he visto tu foto del templo de debod y me ha entrado una morriña!! madrid es tan bonito!! soy madrileña pero estoy temporalmente viviendo en sofia(bulgaria). vi lo de la noche en blanco por el canal internacional. me encanta las cosas tan monas q haces. saludos desde mi lado creativo

KJ dijo...

That sounds so incredibly fun and cool! Madrid just found it's way onto the Big List of Places I Absolutely Positively Must Visit Someday Soonish.