miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006


Last Saturday night in Madrid was the "Noche en Blanco" (expresion that means to have a sleepless night). All the museums stayed open and there were dancing performances, live music, theater, huge screen video installations, etc... in the street, all night long until 6 am.
We went to a park nearby home, "el Templo de Debod". There was a concert. The name Templo de Debod comes from the egyptian temple, dedicated to the Gods Amon and Isis, that was installed here in 1972. It was a gift from Egypt to Spain for its help building the dam in Asuan. Each country that collaborated in this construction was gifted with one temple. I love this place, it's one of my favourites.
Noche en Blanco
We kept walking to the Sabatini Gardens in the Royal Palace. There was a stage with a dance spectacle. It was kind of cool and raining a little bit but the place is beautiful at night!

Sunday was a bit sleepy but I finished an illustration for a contest and the first piece of a new project of portraits.
Mr. Bear
And today I go to the Book Fair (LIBER). Books, books, books!!

sábado, septiembre 16, 2006

More houses

More houses?....hmmm yes I know...another house...but this is different!! with pockets.
I can't promise you that I stop with this "house thing"...but...I'll try to change the subject (someday).
Some details:

It's a big house: 72 x 50 cm. The hangers are behind the chimney.
I'm in love with Quirquincho.
One day I want to try to made aquilt like Rosa's. Hand quilted!!
New pets in new houses: Gus and Samba(I'm Samba's proud dog-godmother!)

jueves, septiembre 14, 2006

The autumn Love bird

From paper:

To fabric:

Thanks to Myra I found Komaneko. Fantastic!
New spanish online magazine about art, crafts and more...

miércoles, septiembre 13, 2006

3D house

A new home.

miércoles, septiembre 06, 2006


On a bad day I usually cheer myself up while brushing my teeth. It's an excuse to stand in front of a mirror and pull silly faces imitating animals such as Tigers, mice, crocodiles... even the big Tyrannosaurus Rex!! That never fails to put a smile on my face!
But this week there is no need. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for me to receive a Plummie Award! I'm really flattered!! Thanks! Your inspiration and support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
(my boyfried thanks you for not having to look at my silly faces this morning :D)
Lu and Debbie made the fabric collage! Great work!

viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

Summer end

I want to thank you all your beautiful comments about my last post! Thanks very much, it means a lot for me!
I've started a "I can't draw (I don't want)" section in my sketch book. The first one is a car:
back at home

I'll be back home tomorrow, Sunday... I'll miss my mother's cheescake and the flowers....

A beautiful comic from Hope Larson.
Rad Sechrist, I love his work!