jueves, agosto 24, 2006

I have a list of "things" I can't draw:
shoes with shoelaces
food in a plate
ants and other insects
squared shirts
hands with nails (Oh! that sounds weird!)
an ogre
beards (the short ones)
a fairy
... to be continued...
(Sorry for this negative post)

15 comentarios:

cruststation dijo...

Interesting list, I don't believe you:P

Aline no país da Química dijo...

Thank you!
Oh, I saw your drawing from 07/25, and it´s what I needed to see today...
Oh, thanks again for your comment...:)

Oh, and good look , you have so much to draw! :)

Anónimo dijo...

What do you mean you can't draw?!!
I don't believe you either!
Anyway, the list seems to be interesting, thoug...
But I'm sure it is just a batch. C'mon, rest a little bit, have a good cup of tea and let the things from the list come to you easy.
Plus, you could also make a list of the things you CAN actually draw... Oh, my god, It'd take you tons of pages!!!
Hugs & a BIG KISS.

samantha dijo...

You can certainly draw trees though!!
thank you too for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. thank you for visiting.
Can't wait to see this years Morphe toys too.

mimi K dijo...

too funny- I like your list. Is it a list of can't or don't like?

vegasandvenice dijo...

I also do not believe you! I am having the very same kind of day though so I understand except my list is a hundred times longer at least. Promise!

Your work is lovely and incredible and I am sure that you can draw anything that you want to (you just don't want to draw mice, kiwis, shoes with laces or plates of food right now *smile*)

Hugs to you!

jenny dijo...

I love your work! It looks to me like you can draw anything you want to! I myself can't draw dolphins or mountains!

Frizz dijo...

I can't draw...
What should we do?

Isa dijo...

yo también tengo un montón de cosas que no puedo dibujar, tendré que entrenarme más, abrazote!!

Sweet Pea dijo...

But there are so many things that you draw so beautifully and make people happy :)

claudine hellmuth dijo...

I love all your drawings. looking at your work makes me want to run and draw! thank you for your lovely artwork!

Marieke dijo...

Wanna hear my list ;0)

You're amazing artist with a beautiful drawing style but thinking you cannot draw these things is unbelievabel, although I so recognize the insecurity about things like that.

ladybug dijo...

but you CAN draw so other beautiful things!

tiel s-k dijo...

OOh, I like this concept. Feet would be on my list...but I think I need to stick to what I have to draw before drawing what I can't draw...for now.

Sabine dijo...

On my list: bicycles, old people, cars, horses,...people sitting on a chair are hard too...
Your drawings are cute!