miércoles, julio 26, 2006


We'rere going on vacations!! I'm very sorry I haven't been able to answer some of your posts and mails but I promise I will as soon as I'm back home.
See you in two weeks!!
I hope you all have a good time, too!!

7 comentarios:

laura dijo...

Natascha, buenas vacaciones. Espero que disftutes mucho.
La ranita preciosa como todas tus creaciones.

vegasandvenice dijo...

Oh have I wonderful trip! I look forward to your return! I love this froggie so cute miss!

ladybug dijo...

boas férias para ti também :D

Lhuis dijo...

ohhhhh!!! esta muy linda la ranita!!!!

el color es hermoso :D

Cristina dijo...

have a nice vacation! where are you going....sevilla?...maybe it's too hot there!

by the way, i loved your illustrations of "opposites".

Rrramone dijo...

Have a great trip. :-) Like your work!

Isa dijo...

Pásalo en grande!!