martes, mayo 02, 2006

The point of view

I love springtime, the flowers, the green, the smells, the bright colors, the sun, everybody looks happier than usual... but it's dificult, sometimes, the mood changes so fast, for a moment everything's OK and suddenly it turns the opposite.
Have a nice and positive day!

4 comentarios:

vegasandvenice dijo...

Oh what a fabulous illustration of a kind of complex idea. Beautiful!

Majeak Ann dijo...

totalmente de acuerdo..esas cosas pasan, y el debate entre si quedarse en el lado triste o melancólico, o borrar y seguir sonriendo.

loretta dijo...

tus dibujos son preciosos:)

Sara dijo...

I love the illustration, and how perfectly it expresses what you've described. I can relate.