viernes, marzo 31, 2006

I'm back!!

Hi everyone!! I'm back from the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Tomorrow I'll post about it (so much to tell!!).
I hope your week was good and your weekend even better!

lunes, marzo 20, 2006

In spanish we call this animal a gamba. In english it's a shrimp (a prawn in Great Britain). But the thing is that the word shrimp comes from the german (Middle High German) schrimpfen: to wrinkle.
And the word gamba is the same in italian for leg (and shrimp, too).
How many meanings for a little illustration!!

martes, marzo 07, 2006


I don't use to go to conferences by well-known artists. I'm a bit afraid of being dissapointed with the person or some of his comments.
Last year I saw Tony Ross and now I like his illustrations more than before. I was surprised for his humility and his irony when answering to some questions. He made us have a great time.
This time I saw Jordi Labanda. I like his glamourous illustrations and the use of the colors. But even if I'm dissapointed with his comments and opinions I know that his work is still great.
In the other hand, the "Columbus" book is almost finished. I still need to finish the cover. I feel a little bit lost when I finish something huge like a 48 page book. I have plenty of time now and so many projects. I don't know which one to start.
Oh! On the 24th I'll fly to the Bologna Children's Bookfair with my friend Ana. This will be great! A new adventure!
By the way she has a blog with great recipes, some of them spanish recipes. Check it out if you feel hungry!!
Kraf-o-la just started a serie of interviews with artists whose work she likes the most. I'm proud to say that I'm one of those persons who got her questions (Thank you!!!). There are other artists that I love,too, such as: Sarah Neuburger, Lisa Congdon, Hillary lang, Jess Hutchinson....please go here to see the all these creative women.