viernes, febrero 24, 2006

Carly sent me the left over of what I had sent her for the Morphe Exhibition. Now it's all in my shop. Thanks Carly!
My friend César sent me this incredible link. The future is here!!!
We have a new airport, well, a new terminal in Madrid. I've been there today, I'm sorry, without my camera, but here you can see some pictures. I like it, all in yellow, with the light coming in trough the ceiling.
I'm so excited, I'm going to join Plush You II !!! Thank you! I'll try to do something "new".

2 comentarios:

chicadecanela dijo...

Enhorabuena por lo de Plush You! Vas a arrasar, seguro :)

Majeak Ann dijo...

con las cosas chulas que haces..seguro que si!