viernes, diciembre 22, 2006

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas
Christmas postcards
Gifts for friends

jueves, diciembre 21, 2006


If you have any problems to download the Christmas gif tag you from, you can do it here (PDF).
Christmas present!
Sarah (The small object) send me these amazing creations. I love her stuff! Thanks so much!
Pablo Amargo

domingo, diciembre 17, 2006

Chritmas gift tag
Here is the new Christmas gift tag for you. The size is 12x 7 cm. You can download a template with 5 tags to print here (jpeg). Enjoy it!!

miércoles, diciembre 13, 2006

Art in the street.

I found this poster in the street last night. The character says: "I'm not lost, I'm Superlost!". I don't know the name of the artist, it's not signed.
It made me smile. I feel relieved and happy when I read it.

domingo, diciembre 10, 2006


A beautiful idea: Free Hugs Campaign.
Origami Advent Calendar from Myra.
A big sunday hug to all of you!

miércoles, diciembre 06, 2006

The artist's survival kit by K. Smith. A great gift for your friends and family. I have mine!

jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

I feel a little bit stressed today. I have a lot of things to do!
I received some of the ornaments fron the Holiday Ornament swap. You can see them here and here. They're beautiful!

I want to thank all of you for your beautiful comments about the christmas gift tag. I hope you enjoy it because I made it for you! Next week a new one!
A great discovery: Heather Moore.

jueves, noviembre 23, 2006


I feel a little bit lazy today.
This morning the sun was here but now the day turned grey.
I have a lot of illustratioon work to do but I want to sew...but I can´t...I have to work.
This weekend I finished a new tablecloth in linen and I sewed some red cotton thread on it. I like it. I like red.
I try to stamp but I don't know how to do it properly. Maybe I'm accustomed to silkscreening. I can't find any stamp ink pad for fabric here in Spain. I found in the net something called Versacraft or Fabrico. Does any of you know them or use them? maybe I should try.
I wish you all a great day and all of you in the USA a great Thanksgiving day!

lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Last weekend has been grey. But my orange boots helped me, they cheer me up!

I made these christmas gift tags for you. If anyone wants to use them, email me and I'll send you a PDF template with six tags to print and cut.
I wish you a Sunny Monday!

jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

I participated in the Holiday swap organized by Nicole and Kathleen. Today I went to the post office. I hope you like the ornaments!
mail day
I finished the Christmas postcard and I hope it comes soon from the printer.
Christmas card
I love Sweetnellie softies.
Beautiful work from Petra Borner. You can find some of her work at Habitat.
Hannah Firmin.

viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Well, definitely I can't understand all the problems and complexity of all the different internet browsers! Some of you have been very kind letting me know about the problem when viewing my webshop. After trying to fix it I can only say that I can't fix it and I don´t know why Internet Explorer doesn't want to show my webshop propperly. It's very frustrating. If anyone has a good idea or solution that could be helpfully(more helpfully than mine, which is to bump my computer with a pillow), I thank you in advance.

For all of you who pursue your dreams: Trust22.

I've been bussy finishing some projects:

A Bunny for Inês.

A Wolfboy for a boy named Jonatan.

jueves, noviembre 02, 2006

Food and fun

I updated the shop, finally!!
Im' amazed with the creativity some people has with food. And most of it in Halloween!
I'm always love Myra's creations and she's amazing with food: pigs,carrots,Onis,...
And I found this creepy cupcakes from Creative Kismet. So funny!
Ghost cupcake.
Cookie Monsters.
A melon bunny.
A bat cake.
Another melon.
A cow. Fantastic!
Halloween lemurs.
I hope you spent a funny Halloween!

jueves, octubre 19, 2006

It's raining outside. The sun is gone. I'm inside the house sketching and having a cup of tea. I try not to worry today about our apartment-search. It takes the most part of my energy.

The paper sample from Lovely Design is here. I'm so happy! Beautiful papers. I look at them trying to know what they want to become.

martes, octubre 17, 2006

I went to Barcelona last weekend. With plenty of time to walk. It was rainy. It was a big change because in Madrid it's still warm and sunny.

I found a choral from Stockholm singing in the Iglesia del Pi(Pine's Church).

I met Teresa Giménez.A beautiful person with great stories to tell. Like this one. I'm waiting for her new web to be ready!

miércoles, octubre 11, 2006

Do it!

domingo, octubre 08, 2006


This is a very late contribution to Illustration Friday.
Nice posters in L'Illustre Fabrique.
An interview with Kevin Cornell.
Cool stuff from Jonathan Adler.
Happy Sunday!

martes, octubre 03, 2006


"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination". Edward Hopper
Penelope has started a Halloween Contest.
Jocelyn Warner
Australian Creative.
Great Echino ceramics.
Sharon Spain.
New collections from Chicadecanela. Beautiful!

miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006


Last Saturday night in Madrid was the "Noche en Blanco" (expresion that means to have a sleepless night). All the museums stayed open and there were dancing performances, live music, theater, huge screen video installations, etc... in the street, all night long until 6 am.
We went to a park nearby home, "el Templo de Debod". There was a concert. The name Templo de Debod comes from the egyptian temple, dedicated to the Gods Amon and Isis, that was installed here in 1972. It was a gift from Egypt to Spain for its help building the dam in Asuan. Each country that collaborated in this construction was gifted with one temple. I love this place, it's one of my favourites.
Noche en Blanco
We kept walking to the Sabatini Gardens in the Royal Palace. There was a stage with a dance spectacle. It was kind of cool and raining a little bit but the place is beautiful at night!

Sunday was a bit sleepy but I finished an illustration for a contest and the first piece of a new project of portraits.
Mr. Bear
And today I go to the Book Fair (LIBER). Books, books, books!!

sábado, septiembre 16, 2006

More houses

More houses?....hmmm yes I know...another house...but this is different!! with pockets.
I can't promise you that I stop with this "house thing"...but...I'll try to change the subject (someday).
Some details:

It's a big house: 72 x 50 cm. The hangers are behind the chimney.
I'm in love with Quirquincho.
One day I want to try to made aquilt like Rosa's. Hand quilted!!
New pets in new houses: Gus and Samba(I'm Samba's proud dog-godmother!)

jueves, septiembre 14, 2006

The autumn Love bird

From paper:

To fabric:

Thanks to Myra I found Komaneko. Fantastic!
New spanish online magazine about art, crafts and more...

miércoles, septiembre 13, 2006

3D house

A new home.

miércoles, septiembre 06, 2006


On a bad day I usually cheer myself up while brushing my teeth. It's an excuse to stand in front of a mirror and pull silly faces imitating animals such as Tigers, mice, crocodiles... even the big Tyrannosaurus Rex!! That never fails to put a smile on my face!
But this week there is no need. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for me to receive a Plummie Award! I'm really flattered!! Thanks! Your inspiration and support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
(my boyfried thanks you for not having to look at my silly faces this morning :D)
Lu and Debbie made the fabric collage! Great work!

viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

Summer end

I want to thank you all your beautiful comments about my last post! Thanks very much, it means a lot for me!
I've started a "I can't draw (I don't want)" section in my sketch book. The first one is a car:
back at home

I'll be back home tomorrow, Sunday... I'll miss my mother's cheescake and the flowers....

A beautiful comic from Hope Larson.
Rad Sechrist, I love his work!

jueves, agosto 24, 2006

I have a list of "things" I can't draw:
shoes with shoelaces
food in a plate
ants and other insects
squared shirts
hands with nails (Oh! that sounds weird!)
an ogre
beards (the short ones)
a fairy
... to be continued...
(Sorry for this negative post)

martes, agosto 22, 2006


I was thinking: "This is a great place to meet all of you and have dinner". Sni,'s not my house.
A mango smoothie...
Chris Van Allsburg
Peter Callesen (via Cruststation)

jueves, agosto 17, 2006


My home (mi casa)
It rained so much today! I like when it rains, mostly after alls these months of heat. My plants are happy too!
I seized the oportunity and finished my new project: The House.
The family is silkscreened on white felt and I used the flowery fabrics to make the windows and the roof. As always it is for hanging on the wall as decoration.
Home 03
Home 02
I made some stamps and now they are ready to travel. Thanks for trusting me Theresia!

Do you like birds and vases? has the most beautiful ones I have ever seen!
I forgot to tell you that I've been nominated for an award called the Plummies.
I suppose that somebody must have choosen who are nominated, so Thank you very much! I'm flattered.