sábado, octubre 29, 2005


The best in the world... a big hug!! I hope you have a weekend with plenty of hugs!

miércoles, octubre 26, 2005

A Witch

Lisa visits her aunt Hilda once a year. She loves her aunt, who tell her fantastic stories about dragons, witches and brews. Her aunt is a doctor, from the very old school (once upon a time when, unfortunately, they were hunted down not only due to their wisdom, but to the fact that they were women), she only uses natural products, but the funniest thing is when she plays magic, like when she makes Lucas, the cat, bigger so it can warm them while Lisa listten to her aunt's stories.
This is my illustration for Penelope's Contest.

viernes, octubre 21, 2005


Neststudio (Carly) has invited me, among other talented artists, to participate in the Morphé Exhibition. I'm so excited!! My flat's a mess right now... fabrics, papers, ink everywhere... I hope I can have it all done for November. I already finished the Xmas hang-ups and this weekend I shall make the postcards. Oh! and the softpaintings.
I've also been invited to Plush Rush. I'm working on a special softie, not for hanging on the wall, but for hugging. It's not so easy, since I don't have any patterns. It's all about trying stitching and unstitching. I always find Loobylu's and Hillary's softies wonderful, I find them perfect.

martes, octubre 18, 2005


Thank you very much for all your lovely comments about the "camera incident".
I'm very busy but very happy. I don't know why but... I hope you have a happy day too!!!

jueves, octubre 13, 2005


Last friday I went to IKEA and somebody stole my camera from me. I didn't even notice. I loved my camera and It lasted not a year with me. I wasn't even able to use all of its functions properly.
"Dear camera, I want to thank you for having caught so many moments of joy. I'm gonna miss you. I hope wherever you are they treat you alright and take care of you. Thank you".
I found this interesting tutorial about using layers in Photoshop and Painter.
So funny Aaron Meshon.
If anybody wants to take a look at a good site about Horoscopes here is a very serious one from Switzerland.

miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

The end of the day

A yogy tea and a homemade cookie. That makes me feel good. Can you see my unfinished doll? She's....weird. Today I have silkscreened all day. Now I sit here and peruse through your blogs:
Camilla enjoys a bubble bath. Penelope has started a new illustration contest: Draw a Witch. I love the bird from Lyn And today she post a great corsage tutorial!
Cara Carmina has a wonderful blog about children's illustrators. Chicadecanela goes to a craft fair for the first time. Good luck!
Andrea jumps in the ocean. The sweet Lani from Myra goes to New England.
I've been tagged by Amanda: I list 5 songs that I'm currently lovin':
1. "Both sides now": Joni Mitchell
2. "What if": Coldplay
3. "Wallpaper": The Gift
4."You're beautiful": James Blunt
5. "As": Stevie Wonder.
I tag all of you!